Low Minimum Beer Koozies

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Scuba Bottle Koozies

Free customization on Bottle Koozies


High Quality material with many item and ink colors options.

Low Minimums starting at 25 pieces!

Beer Can Coolies

Economy Coolie

Our economy  coolie is available in 11 colors.  You also have the option to choose assorted light colors or assorted dark colors.


Economy Coolie

Our Prices include Setup & Shipping on all Koozies

Koozies are inexpensive enough to give away to everybody at your bachelor or bachelorette party. Customize them with the date and location or even customize them with one last wish for the bride or groom before they walk down the aisle.  At the end of a very long night everyone will be excited to tell their stories with a ice cold beer in their hands.

Not every event calls for 200, or even 100 coolies. This is why we offfer low minimum beer koozies. Most items start at only 25 piece minimums. As long as you order the 25 pieces you can order any quantity above that! 26, 27, 47.. all ok with us!

folding coolies

Get enough Koozies so that everybody can have one to take home; and dont forget to get enough for those ones you will mis-place after a great night of drinking with close friends.

A few of our standard coolie features:

1/8" thick low-density
open-cell scuba foam
Collapsible Sleeve
Free Shipping & Free Setup! Includes Personalization