Can Koozies & Coolies

Premium Scuba Foam Can Coolies

Our #1 Best-Selling Item! Collapsible insulator fits cans & most bottles. 24 Color Choices!

Economy Coolie

Collapsible insulator fits cans & most bottles. 12 Color Choices.

Neoprene Can Coolie

High-Quality Neoprene (Wetsuit Material)

Tall Boy Can Coolie - 16 oz

Collapsible coolie 16oz Tall Boy Beers / Energy Drink

Disguise Camo Can Coolies

Can Coolies with Trademark Camo Patterns!

Premium Scuba Foam Boot Coolies

Collapsible insulator fits most bottles. 24 Color Choices!

Magnetic Neoprene Can Coolies

Premium Neoprene Coolie with Magnet can be personalized for your special event.

Full Color Scuba Foam Can Coolies - Your Design!

Our most popular material is now available in full color. You can customize each coolie in the color and design of your choice.

Color Camo Coolies - 6 Fun Camo Colors

Full Color Camo Coolies available in 6 Colors!

Disguise Neoprene Camo Can Coolies

Neoprene Can Coolies with Trademark Camo Patterns!

The Original KOOZIE® Can Kooler | KOOZIE®

The beverage insulator that started it all.

Sneaker Can Coolies - for Teams

Add pep to your step with sneaker coolies

Mr. & Mrs. Neoprene Can Coolie Set

A perfect addition for the bride and groom!

When planning a special event, you want your guests to leave with a unique, convenient, and fun souvenir! There’s no better way to let your event live on forever than through a koozie. Can and bottle koozies are of great use for anyone. You don’t have to worry about them already having one, because no one can have too many koozies! These gifts are a fun way to thank the guests for attending your big day. Like our site says, koozies are great for favors! Every guest will be sure to love their uniquely designed souvenir.

Koozies provide you with many great options. From our inexpensive economy coolie, to our camouflage coolie, all the way to the original insulator koozie, we’ve got it all. What’s great about these koozies is that they each can be designed to fit what you’ve got in mind. From the color, material, text and even pictures, the choice is yours! You don’t need to be an artist to figure out our design system. All of the options are conveniently listed, allowing you to choose what you want with a click of a button.